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<h3>Homes & Gardens</h3>

Audrey Hepburn states that “To create a garden is to believe in tomorrow”.  The garden experience teaches hope, patience, joy, sorrow, and engages all our senses … 

  • seeing the changes that you witness every day  
  • smelling the fragrance of the flowers and herbs , the rain, blooming shrubs, and my personal favorite is suckering a tomato plant           
  • hearing the birds sing at dawn and the wind whistling through the pines 
  • Touching the plants, working with the soil, 

Since 1991 I have had the privilege of “Creating Classic Exterior Designs”. Not only do I have the dream job of  designing  your outdoor space but I have an incredible team of trusted and talented contractors who meticulously and efficiently work with me on installations. It is tremendously gratifying to implement my designs ( i.e. contracting)  because as we all have experienced… A poorly executed plan results in mistakes, substitutions and alot is lost in translation! 

I  consult with clients on small projects or very large, multi faceted projects.  Often, I am able to leave a client with a plan after just an hour. I jokingly say that after 35 years of working on properties, you get the best out of me in the first hour because I know immediately what needs to be done. However, the  process of an on site consultation  with the homeowners is very important in order to determine their needs, visions,  style, the architecture of their home and the way they intend to use their exterior spaces.   

Good communication with clients and my team is a priority in order to provide the best possible results. I am a firm believer in that the difference between “average” and “excellence” is in the DETAILS. I am able to design any style of garden, but prefer a more tailored, manicured look. Experience has taught me that a backbone of evergreens, symmetry,  repetition, various textures , and negative space makes for the most pleasing design. It is also the most easy to maintain. I tell people if I give you a lot to maintain you will not like me in 5 years! On the other hand, I strive to create functional outdoor rooms which are conducive to  relaxing.