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Articles written by Barbie Tafel (Thomas)

Kentucky Homes and Gardens
Garden with a View- Anne and Morton Boyd , Prospect, Ky
Take a Walk on the wildside- Mary Louise Gorman, Louisville. Ky
Pastoral Care – Alice Hoskins , Lexington , Ky
Creative Contours- Barbie Tafel and Mona Powell, Lousville, Ky (click here to read)
Summer in the City- Urban Garden Tour , Louisville, Ky
Off the Beaten Path- Jon Carloftis Rockcastle Ky
Family Style- Cathy and Ed Stopher, Louisville, Ky
Prolific Pinecrest- Allan Morris, Louisville , Ky
Out of Africa- Carrie Thale, Louisville, Ky
An Eye for Design – Fran Jasper. Glenview Ky
An Everlasting Love- MaryLou Whitney / Whitney Museum, Lexington , Ky
Natural Creations- Rea and Tom Clark, Prospect, Ky
Splendor in the BlueGrass- Gary Biszantz, Lexjington, Ky ‘
The Elegant Lady of Longview , Sissy Nash , Prospect, Ky
A Timeless Setting – Libby and Norman Brown , Lexington , Ky
Higher Ground – Big Bone, Ky
Simply Elegant- Betsy Brooks Bulleit, Lexington, Ky
May Webb, profile (click here to read)
Meg Vogt, profile

Articles written about Barbie:

April 2001 Taste of the Oaks
Sept 2008 Gardening Secrets

June 2009 Take Shade

Kentucky Crafted – Underhill
Rustic Refinement- Alagia/Mershon

May 1996 Family Ties
Jan 2001 Welcoming Winter window boxes (click here to read pages 1, 2 & 3)